Book Birthday: Disturbing-yet-uplifting Christian horror short story THE ACCUSER is turning 1 today??!

The Accuser (cover) - A shadowy monster has its hands on a tough looking man in tattoos, seated in front of a bed. A cat sits besides the man.

Can you spot the kitty?

I think the long Crooked Neck Kickstarter and even longer work writing the second Fashion Frenchies novel has distorted my sense of time, because when my records showed this short story was only a year old I did a double-take.

Just a year ago(!), I published The Accuser, which is both an R-rated horror story and an uplifting Christian tale at the same time.

There’s also a kitty in it named Dozer. I based him a little off our cat, Pixel, in that they both have a history of frightening large dogs with a mere look. Dozer, however, is built like a bulldozer (hence the name), whereas Pixel (at 80-odd cat years old) looks at this point more like a furry orange basketball.

I digress.

This story hasn’t gotten much love since its release (probably because Amazon will NOT pull up this story if you use their search bar UNLESS you select the category “Kindle Store” first. Does that mean it’s shadowbanned? Heck if I know!).

If you’re a horror fan, don’t let the Christian stuff scare you, this is basically a biker dude and tough cat buddy story cranked to 11, with a little humor mixed in.

If you’re a Christian, don’t let the R-rating scare you, I promise it’s not just shock for the sake of being transgressive. It ends with warm fuzzies and might even build your testimony!

Get this short story and show a tough biker man and his little kitty buddy some love!