A Book Birthday Two-fer: A BUREAUCRAT turns 7 and a goat mage turns 4

I’ve got two book birthdays for you today!

Cover for THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR: A laughing woman wields a glowing shepherd's crook while a goat leaps through a portal overhead
For the fantasy fan, we have The Capramancer Next Door, which has become a reader favorite. It turns 4 this year! This is one of my favorite books to give to newcomers because it’s got adventure, comedy, and talking goats, and if you’re down with that, you’re probably game for my other work.






Cover to THE BUREAUCRAT - A creepy office worker stands grinning with blank eyes in front of a wall of spooky blank eyes.

Not into sweet and furry? Like Kafka more? You should check out my story The Bureaucrat: An Uncanny Satire. Especially if you’ve recently been trapped in a phone tree that made you want to punch a wall. This story can help you feel better (well, maybe not your fist, but your soul, sure).

Learn the fate of THE BUREAUCRAT