The Guests of Crooked Neck

Trouble's in paradise.

In the small town of Crooked Neck, the townsfolk eagerly await the arrival of the galaxy’s two most notorious war criminals.

All except one.

Months ago, the town’s celebrated host, Keonaona Hoʻokano, accepted the duty of housing the dangerous pair.

But things have changed. Now that the day is here, Keonaona wants nothing to do with them.

As the deadly couple approaches his darkened estate, Keonaona spies from the shadows. His next move will set off a chain of events whose repercussions extend far beyond his doorstep.

They will turn the eyes of the galaxy to his hometown.

And they just might push Keonaona past his breaking point…

THE GUESTS OF CROOKED NECK is a moving science fantasy about grief, pride, and being seen. This standalone novel set in the Worlds of Everlush universe takes place soon after the events of STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM.

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