Photo of author Danielle WilliamsWho are you?

I’m Danielle Williams, and I write sci-fi/fantasy/horror/comedy/??! stories, including science fantasy epic Steel City, Veiled Kingdom, creepy apartment caper The Girlfriend Who Wasn’t from Delaware, and beloved children’s Christmas novel A Gingersnap Cat Christmas.

I’m a BYU grad who majored in Visual Arts, then inadvertently double-minored in German and English.

I’m also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

What’s with this “‘Wonder. Horror. Humor.'” thing I keep seeing?

To steal a phrase from Takayoshi Sato, I write stories because I want to “shake peoples’ hearts deeply.”

Sometimes I do this by writing stories that make you uneasy about going to bed at night (that’s the horror). Other times I do it by writing stories that give you a chuckle or leave you with a smile on your face (humor). And I love playing around in made-up worlds of wonder, whether it’s Hawai’i in space or a giant tree where vampires fall in love with faeries. I can’t seem to stick to mundane settings.

In short, “Wonder. Horror. Humor.” is just shorthand for the kinds of books I like to write.

What’s a “Pixelvania”?

“Pixelvania” is a made-up word. I chose it as the name for my publishing house because our cat’s name is Pixel (who himself is named after the cat from a Heinlein scifi story The Cat Who Walks Through Walls), and also because I aim to self-publish both eBooks (pixels) and paper books, which are made of trees, and since PennsylVANIA means “Penn’s Woods” …

Er, it made sense at the time!

I want to write to you! How do I do that?

Use the handy contact form here! Or my email is Danielle AT PixelvaniaPublishing.com. Easy!

I like what you’re doing here! How can I support you?

Oh, gee, thanks! Besides buying the books and telling your friends, it helps me a TON when you request my eBooks be added to your library’s digital collection.

Leaving reviews on my books at GoodReads or wherever you bought the book from is also pretty cool!

Where else can I find you?

My Amazon Author Page – ‘Nuff said.

My Goodreads Author Page – Reviews are always appreciated! 😀

My Draft2Digital Page – See all my books in a quick overview!

Pixelvania Studios – Art I’ve made, sheet music I’ve written, software I like, and some behind-the-scenes stuff! I do my casual blogging here.

MoxieKitten.com – An adorable kittycat character I’m developing.

Mastodon.Art – Like Twitter, but decentralized and not commercialized to the hilt.