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15 Dec – I’m participating in Smashwords’ 2022 End of Year Sale. My ENTIRE COLLECTION of ebooks (sci-fi, fantasy, and horror) is 50% off over there until the end of December. So if there was a book of mine you wanted to try, this’d be a great time to get it! – D


Heartwarming, funny, and enchanting–these original Christmas stories make terrific gifts for yourself or a loved one!


A misfit mad scientist and his monstrous benefactress…A single dragoness who needs to go from fizzle to sizzle…A sensible mage and her mischievous rescue goats…An avenging magical granny…Meet these and other unforgettable characters in Pixelvania Publishing’s refreshing takes on science fiction and fantasy.

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Unnerving tales of suspense and paranoia, where loving cats bring their owners terrifying gifts, insomniacs discover what’s REALLY keeping them up nights, and malicious paper-pushers get their just deserts…

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Tickle your funny bone with these lighthearted and uplifting comedic fantasies. Fun for the whole family!

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