New dragon art for a smokin’ book birthday!

Book birthday image - a stack of books topped by a party hat. Photo generously provided by by

Happy book birthday to DEBUTS AND DRAGONS (2019), a fun underdog story about a drab dragon! Here’s some art I’m working on of one of the characters, Pinnacle Smokebelcher:


Digitally colored sketch of a lantern-jawed red dragon with blue spikes. Work in progress.

He’s not a major character or anything, but with that name I couldn’t resist doodling him! Read DEBUTS AND DRAGONS today and see a ton more weird dragon names!


HGTV fans who read horror fiction will love my new release!

After a wildly successful Kickstarter (over 200% funded), I’m happy to announce that BONA OSSUARIA: A HOME RENOVATION HORROR STORY is now available to the general public AND available for the first time in PAPERBACK! Just in time for spooky season! 🎃

Cover for Bona Ossuaria: A Home Renovation Horror Story. Two smiling women stand back to back, superimposed above a red house and a disturbingly off-colored sky. The tagline reads Good bones. Gone bad.

They thought they were making changes to the house. But the house was making changes to them.

When their construction team discovers a hidden shaft while renovating a clients’ home, mother-daughter design duo Evelyn and Erika Ellsworth need an idea, quick.

But to Erika’s dismay, her flighty mom doesn’t just turn the shaft into her pet project: she refuses to let anyone else in on what she’s doing.

This isn’t the first time her mom’s gotten obsessive over a reno. And clients always love what she comes up with. So Erika decides to humor her.

That decision will prove fatal.

BONA OSSUARIA is a slow-burning morsel of surreal, psychological horror.

* * *

I got the idea for Bona Ossuaria after a watching a certain HGTV program for a few seasons. The show has a fun and wholesome vibe–and I still love it–but my writer brain couldn’t help but see things going…let’s say, darkly wrong with the hosts.

After reading it, my proofreader said she was never able to watch that program the same way ever again. Which delights me to no end!

The Kickstarter for this story funded in under a week, so that was also really cool (and educational, as my first–but definitely not my last–Kickstarter). I got to design some darkly funny printable posters for the Kickstarter that are now available for sale, go check them out.

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Download printable wall art inspired by the story!

One day, 2 POLAR OPPOSITE book birthdays

Today we celebrate 2 book birthdays. Yes, somehow I wound up publishing two stories on the same day (but different years). They’re also entirely different in tone.

From 2017, we have THE BUREAUCRAT, which is like something Kafka would have written if he had ever had the nasty misfortune of encountering a phone tree. It’s had two covers so far and I’m thinking it needs a third. Here’s the original cover (by me, when I was first learning how to photobash things) and the most recent cover (art by Christian Bunyan)

The Bureaucrat (Cover)
Cover to THE BUREAUCRAT - A creepy office worker stands grinning with blank eyes in front of a wall of spooky blank eyes.

Get your copy of THE BUREAUCRAT

Next, we have THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR, from 2020. This one’s become one of my favorites–I think it’s because it has a lot of things I like in it (adventure, magic, talking animals, male and female co-leads, an optimistic ending). Also, people keep sending me smiling photos of themselves with the cover, which makes me happy, and not just because I illustrated he cover myself. 🙂

I hope to revisit these characters someday in a Christmas adventure! Ah, so much to write, so little time!

Cover for THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR: A laughing woman wields a glowing shepherd's crook while a goat leaps through a portal overhead

Celebrate with your own copy of THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR.


Christian horror fans looking for something like NEFARIOUS will want to check out my latest release.

I just released a new short story, called THE ACCUSER! Check it out!

The Accuser (cover) - A shadowy monster has its hands on a tough looking man in tattoos, seated in front of a bed. A cat sits besides the man.


Kurt Henry is one tough motha. Rides motorcycles. Works construction. And has kicked his fair share of asses over the years.

He’s also a returning Christian. And he’s decided it’s time to dedicate himself to God once and for all.

But dark forces have other plans for him.

Can Kurt escape an enemy who knows all his weaknesses? Or will he lose his soul to the accuser?

THE ACCUSER is a tense Christian horror story perfect for anyone who enjoyed the movie NEFARIOUS or for fans of Michaelbrent Collings.

Contains strong language, adult situations.

* * *

This is a story that I wanted to write for quite some time, because I knew a big tough construction guy (like ACCUSER’s main character, Kurt) who owned and loved an adorable kitty, and how could you NOT want to write a story about a big tough construction guy and his beloved adorable kitty????

Read an excerpt here (at the bottom)

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Since uploading, I have discovered that Amazon will NOT pull up this story if you use their search bar UNLESS you select the category “Kindle Store” first. So my links are the fastest way to find it. 🙂

Horror fiction fans who watch HGTV will love my new Kickstarter project!

BONA OSSUARIA, my new home renovation horror story, launched Tuesday on Kickstarter and (to my delight) is now fully funded!

BONA is a slow-burning morsel of surreal, psychological horror. Here’s the cover:

Cover for Bona Ossuaria: A Home Renovation Horror Story. Two smiling women stand back to back, superimposed above a red house and a disturbingly off-colored sky. The tagline reads Good bones. Gone bad.

If you back now, you’ll get the ebook early and at a discount, plus some classy-yet-sassy kitchen decor printables! Paperbacks will be available during the general release in October.

You can find out more about the story and pledge levels here:

Visit the BONA OSSUARIA Kickstarter page

 If you could pledge, I would love that (just $2 to get those printables!).

And it’d be FANTASTIC! if you could share the link to social media–that’d help me reach more potential readers, which is currently my biggest career challenge.


Celebrating another out-of-this-world book birthday!

Happy third book birthday to science-fantasy epic Steel City, Veiled Kingdom!

Normally when I release books, I don’t care much about the date of release. But I finished SCVK early enough that I could plan a specific date. So I made sure the book shared its birthday with the lead character, Jerimin. So happy birthday to him, too!

You’ll see Jer again soon when I Kickstart SCVK’s sequel, THE GUESTS OF CROOKED NECK later this year. Stick around…! Or in the meantime, prepare by grabbing the first book!

Cover for STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM: THE COMPLETE EDITION - A man in a labcoat holding a rabbit on a strange device, with a monster in the background.Science fiction lovers, find out more