5 Favorites for June 2024: Practical Pens, a Purrworthy Plaything, and music to help you PUT FOOT TO TASK!

“5 Favorites” is a new feature here at Pixelvania Publishing. On the last Friday of every month, I’ll be posting 5 FAVORITE THINGS I’ve recently (or not-so-recently) enjoyed, in case you’re looking for something neat to experience.

✍️ Papermate InkJoy Ballpoint 700RT Retractable Ballpoint Pens

Everyday pen+

If you want an upgrade to your usual stick pen, consider this smoothie!

A few months back, I tried out a new pen–not for writing novels, but a cheap one for writing my Morning Pages.
I liked this new stick pen: I felt the ink wrote smoother than the Bics I previously used. BUT! the triangular barrel was an uncomfortable match with my hand’s grip–a dealbreaker for me (if a triangular grip won’t bother you, I strongly recommend this pen).

I browsed around and discovered they were using the same ballpoint ink in this multi-colored pen. I loved its chonky round barrel but I drained the black ink in, like, a WEEK. (I’m trying it out now for color coding things in my checkbook.)

Finally, I discovered this pen, the 700RT. Its white barrel is round (though not as chonky as the multi-colored pen, which I would have liked) and the ink is smooth and dark, same as those stick pens, but with a much comfier barrel. Bonus! No lid to lose!

🐾 The Original Cat Dancer Toy

A-meow-zing cat toy

I bought this and the “Pro-Model” Cat Dancer, which comes with a handle.
At 17 years of age (that’s like, 80-something in cat years), I thought Pixel J. Cat was totally OVER all toys…Then I brought the Cat Dancer into our house. He attacks it like he’s a kitten again, not just batting at it for close paw play, but bounding around me to attack! (Of course, I knew our soon-to-be-three-year-old cat Barnaby Jones would love it.)

The extra length on this model keeps the toy within the cats’ reach even when I’m standing upright. Or I can get down on the floor and play with them. Very versatile! It’s an extra-terrific toy for those with joint or mobility issues, because very little movement is needed to generate erratic, mesmerizing motions for the kitties.

My husband had an old screwdriver handle lying around and used epoxy to attach it to one end, which is what I’d recommend, because right now it doesn’t have much of a handle for the human. (I also bought the model with the handle, the “Pro” version, but the shorter length means it’s not half as versatile as the Original.) Highly recommended if you have a kitty!

◻️ Underground Blossom

Game. Steam, app stores

Somehow I missed that Rusty Lake put out a new game?? I really enjoyed UNDERGROUND BLOSSOM, it’s a gently spooky (and sometimes surreal-bizarro-funny) point-and-click puzzle game, one in a series I’ve enjoyed for years. Do I grok the lore? No. Do I have a great time when I click the right code and a fish drops out the end of a busker’s trumpet? YES.

I imagine it’s probably best played on your tablet but since my app store kept acting up, I got it on Steam and had just as much fun playing it on PC.

▶️ Pogo Sticks (Animusic)

YouTube music video

Rad music with ’90s-PBS-trippy visuals. Easy for me to picture it playing after WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO?

📻👟 ONE. ANGRY. REPTILE. (The Anger Foot Medley)

Music (please note: thumbnail is very chaotic and contains stylized gore).

Can’t bring yourself to get a chore done? Assuming it’s not a cerebral chore (like balancing your bank account or writing thank you notes), throw on this tune and put FOOT. TO. TASK!! (Powered by the game Anger Foot.)

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