Click here to get 40% off my ebook DEBUTS AND DRAGONS! Offer good from Jan 15th-Jan 17th, 2022I was doin’ up my planner earlier this month and discovered that “Appreciate a Dragon Day” exists.

Being a dragon lover, I thought we should celebrate, so I put DEBUTS AND DRAGONS on sale. Get 40% off the ebook in honor of our favorite scaly friends. This offer flies away January 17th, 2022, so nab your copy soon.


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My new horror book, CHRYSTINE’S SLEEP SOLUTION, is in a Halloween promo! (B2R Spooks2Read)

Ohmygoshyouguys I’m so jazzed! My latest horror book, CHRYSTINE’S SLEEP SOLUTION, is part of a new Books2Read Promo!
(I’m relieved my cover looks like it belongs with the other kids!)

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Promo graphic for the Spooks2Read horror ebook promo

(Chrystine is listed under the “Horror” section right there up top!)

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Looks like there’s some great spooky stories to be had for every budget and taste!

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Valentine’s eBook Sale

Winking French BulldogDid you know I wrote a feel-good Valentine’s Day book? Don’t worry, it’s not too mushy. It’s called LOVE POTION COMMOTION and it’s got talking French Bulldogs. If you’re still jonesin’ for Hallmark movies, you’ll probably get a kick out of this. It’s normally $4.99 but it’s on discount for $1.99 ’til the 19th. Get it at: http://books2read.com/frenchies1

Sale price is active at Amazon right now, but the other stores are soon to follow!