Steel City, Veiled Kingdom

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STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM Cover - A man in a labcoat holding a rabbit on a strange device, with a monster in the background

Bright minds hide the darkest secrets.

On straitlaced planet Netron, failing your mental health tests means certain death. For Jerimin Icarii, barely passing them is a worse fate. His meager scores reduce him from the celebrated son of a famous scientist to a homeless, desperate outcast.

One footstep away from ending it all, he is stopped by a mysterious woman. Uncivilized yet captivating, this queen of another world offers him one thing he desires most: a normal life. All he has to do is work for her—and never speak of the arrangement to anyone else. Ever.

Jerimin’s new double life is everything he ever dreamed of. But it’s about to turn into a nightmare of violence, intrigue, and betrayal that will change him—and the galaxy—forever...

Harrowing yet hopeful, Steel City, Veiled Kingdom is a science fantasy epic about belonging, deception, and the nature of devotion. Sign up for my mailing list to be notified when it releases!


I once tried to run into the sea to drown myself, but the water never rose higher than my skinny fourteen-year-old calves.

It didn’t take long before I found the end of the sea, a glass wall at the very edge of the tower. Jets pumped recirculated water through slots aimed at my ankles. I stared through the glass at the steel city before me. If climbed over, I could jump, and if I jumped, I’d fall. I’d close my eyes and pretend I was flying—at least, until the first autokinet smashed into me. It’d be a quick death—the machines never stopped in time—and a better one than the injection in store for me when I failed my final set of tests.

At least this way I get to choose.

My palm had just kissed the glass when my father grabbed me from behind.

I twisted, but he was too strong. He hauled me, his only son, through the water, back to where my mother screamed and people avoided looking at us. My escape had failed.


I’d been paying for that day’s cowardice ever since.