5 Favorites for March 2024 (Belated!): Upbeat and squeaky-clean!

“5 Favorites” is a new feature here at Pixelvania Publishing. On the last Friday of every month, I’ll be posting 5 FAVORITE THINGS I’ve recently (or not-so-recently) enjoyed, in case you’re looking for something neat to experience.

Whoops! In all the Kickstarter and Easter excitement I forgot to post this on the correct day!

🎮 Regency Solitaire II

(Game: Itch.io, Steam) This game is my happy place. Cheery, gentle music, engaging solitaire play (with fun little tricks and twists), not at all taxing (versus, say, defeating a boss in TUNIC or something)…a cozy casual delight. Beware, though–it’s easy to get sucked in! 😀 …Just one more round…!

💤 Manta sleep mask


I didn’t go looking for a fancy sleep mask…but I was in the market for one since my last cheap one from Amazon was getting tired (no pun intended), the fabric splitting apart and whatnot. Then I watched a man reviewing his cat after one year and he advertised for this in the middle of the video. I half-listened…then, later that day, realized it might be an answer to my failing cheapo mask.
I bit the bullet and got it–and it’s a HUGE improvement over my little cheap one. The build quality is superb, it’s HYPER-customizable, and it doesn’t get near as hot on my face. If you like it 95-100% dark when you sleep and don’t like your eyelashes brushing anything when you wear a sleep mask, I recommend you try it. (Their LED-light-blocking stickers are also pretty great.)

▶️ Jim Varney: The Original Viral Star

Upbeat and short YouTube documentary on the actor who played Ernest.

👕 Gull Wing Drying Rack

From Amazon.

Okayokay. After almost 10 years, I upgraded from a shorty plastic drying rack for hanging clothes to this big boi and I’m in love with it. It holds an INCREDIBLE amount of laundry, including shoes (or, if you’re me, freshly-washed carpal tunnel braces that need air drying) and lay-flat items!!

You know what? Since we’re talking laundry upgrades, I’ll just suggest this, too.

🧦 Aluminum Square Hanger for Socks

From Muji

If you have socks (or bras! or swimsuits!) that dry better hanging, this fella holds A LOT of them in not much space!!