A Gingersnap Cat Christmas

A GINGERSNAP CAT CHRISTMAS Book Cover: A ginger cat with a halo smiles at a terrified black and grey kitten hiding behind him.
Editions:eBook: $ 5.99
ISBN: 978-1732630802
Paperback: $ 10.99
ISBN: 978-1732630826
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 200

He’s got nine lives, three miracles, and one family to save!

Gingersnap Cat is an orange tabby feeling blue. Heaven’s paradise, but it’s just not home without his human family by his side. Not even Christmas with his feline friends can cheer him up.

But when Heaven needs an extra paw, Gingersnap answers the call! Sent back to Earth with miracle powers, Gingersnap must help a little kitten and a struggling family fulfill a big destiny.

A Gingersnap Cat Christmas will have you laughing, cheering, and looking for the unexpected friendships in your life. Add this faith-affirming holiday fantasy to your Christmas traditions today!

If you ever wondered what HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN would've been like with feline stars, you'll love A Gingersnap Cat Christmas. Great for voracious young readers, Christians who want to see their faith portrayed positively, and animal lovers alike!

This book is a great gift for:

  • cat lovers (of course)
  • fans of feel-good Christmas specials (like yours truly)
  • Christians (especially ones who want to see their faith positively portrayed)
  • voracious young readers (the paperback’s 200 pages!)
  • time-strapped families (25 chapters means you can read one a day until Christmas)
  • dog lovers (yup, couldn’t leave out the talking dogs!)
  • readers who enjoyed The Purrfect Christmas (you’ll see why in chapter nine 😉)

My name is Gingersnap. I used to live on earth with my family, but like all animals do, I got old and died. I live in Heaven now, in Cat Housing (domesticated division). I’ll move over to the Human development when my forever family makes it up here. Right now only my master’s mom and dad are up here, but they’re dog people. They live with Sammy, their Chihuahua. I still visit twice a year, but it’s not the same without my forever family.

Some of my cat friends live over in the Human development right now, even if it’s just part time, but I was with the Romanos a long time, and I’d feel strange hanging around other humans. I mean, I spent some time on the streets, but when I finally found my forever family, I fit, snug as a mouse in its hole, or like one of those pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, like my Gina used to do.


(Sometimes at night I’d get bored and play with the loose pieces. Luckily, Damien, Gina’s dad, was a smart guy and made a scraper out of a long stick so she could sweep ‘em out from under the sofa where I usually wound up batting them. Hey, instinct’s instinct.)

Anyway, Cat Housing’s really great. It’s sunny, there are trees everywhere—bare and leafed—no cars or vacuums, and some of the smarter rats (and mice, and voles, etc.) agreed to start a community hunting league, where they try to outsmart us while we chase them. But no one ever dies up here. Of course. Everyone touches noses after and goes home. It’s a good team sport. I hear they’re even trying to get a Birding league started.

Heaven is terrific.

But this year…Idunno. I can’t say I’m bored—I’m a cat, sleeping’s still one of my favorite hobbies—but something’s just…missing.