Just Released: WOMEN OF WONDER –a terrific value for fantasy fans!

Inflation’s biting everyone in the butt lately and I wanted to do something about it. So I grabbed 3 of my fave fantasy stories, chopped the price, and released ’em in this collection I’m calling WOMEN OF WONDER. Check out that shiny shiny book cover below!

WOMEN OF WONDER cover: A woman gestures dramatically in a red dress in space

This collection contains the following previously-published stories:

THE CAPRAMANCER NEXT DOOR – Down-to-earth mage Will Schafer has her hands full moving into a new house while keeping her mischievous herd of magical goats in line. Meeting handsome gardener Rickert Nash takes the sting out of moving…until his shadowy past comes roaring back to bite him in the butt. Now Will and the herd must step in to save their neighbor from getting mulched—but can a girl and her goats defeat a formidable hunter, or are they all about to buy the farm?

THE WITCHING LICENSE – Mavis Burnsides is on her deathbed when her best friend brings her a Witching License. Now she’s got magical powers—and one last night to make up for a lifetime of regrets. By turns sassy and touching, The Witching License is a gentle tale of regret, romance, and righting wrongs.

DEBUTS AND DRAGONS – Though she’s not much to look at, dragon Sellafield Terrormouth never worried about snagging a mate for herself. But now that her little sister is about to debut in dragon society, Sella’s got one night to go from drab to fab. If she fails, she’ll lose her entire dowry—and quite possibly doom herself to eternal spinsterhood! Can this plain dragon get herself a date, or is her future about to go up in flames?

By buying this collection, you save, like, 70% versus buying each ebook separately. So I hope that helps with your budget a little!

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Check out my behind-the-scenes interview for THE WITCHING LICENSE

People are always asking authors, “How do you get your ideas?” Well, you can find out a little bit about how I got my idea for The Witching License (along with some other behind-the-scenes tidbits) in this interview I did with A.L. Butcher.

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The Witching License is now available with 12 other fantasy stories in the new Here Be More Magic ebook bundle.

The HERE BE MORE MAGIC ebook bundle, visualized as a boxed set of books


The HERE BE MORE MAGIC Ebook Bundle–a terrific value for fantasy readers!

Are you a voracious fantasy reader? Then listen up, ‘cuz I’ve got a tasty bargain for you today! THE WITCHING LICENSE, my gentle tale of regret, romance, and righting wrongs, is in a new book bundle, called HERE BE MORE MAGIC!

The HERE BE MORE MAGIC ebook bundle, visualized as a boxed set of books

This bundle’s an amazing value–for $5.99 you get my story, THE WITCHING LICENSE, plus 12 other stories by other fantasy authors, eight of which are NOVELS. That’s a baker’s dozen of enchanting tales!

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