In chicken years, this book is 40 years old now!

Cover for "Hello, Wizard": Eerie blue flames burn a piece of parchment paper atop a stony background.

Everybody loves blue fire

Four years ago today, I published my dark fantasy short story Hello, Wizard with an ugly cover. (Last year, I changed that.)

Why am I mentioning chicken years with this book?

Because even though it’s a dark fantasy, there are chickens in it.

DISTURBING chickens.

That’s just the way I roll.

Find out what the heck chickens are doing in this short story

Celebrating another out-of-this-world book birthday!

Happy third book birthday to science-fantasy epic Steel City, Veiled Kingdom!

Normally when I release books, I don’t care much about the date of release. But I finished SCVK early enough that I could plan a specific date. So I made sure the book shared its birthday with the lead character, Jerimin. So happy birthday to him, too!

You’ll see Jer again soon when I Kickstart SCVK’s sequel, THE GUESTS OF CROOKED NECK later this year. Stick around…! Or in the meantime, prepare by grabbing the first book!

Cover for STEEL CITY, VEILED KINGDOM: THE COMPLETE EDITION - A man in a labcoat holding a rabbit on a strange device, with a monster in the background.Science fiction lovers, find out more

A bittersweet book birthday

Book birthday image - a stack of books topped by a party hat. Photo generously provided by by massonstock.myportfolio.comToday’s book birthday belongs to Midwinter Magic: Three Original Christmas Fairy Tales. This book, finished in 2018, was dedicated to my middle-school English teacher, Mrs. Hodson, who unexpectedly went to Heaven earlier this year. “Her” book turns 4 today, so I’d like to take a moment to remember a supportive teacher and wonderful woman.

Back when I was in school, she seemed legitimately eager to read the next adventure I submitted to her as part of our English creative writing assignments, and that stuck with me. She also joked that she wanted me to dedicate a book to her someday (this, even though I had no plans at the time to become a writer; it was just something I did for fun as a kid). Even though I lost touch with her, I never forgot that wish. So when I finally decided to become a writer, many MANY years later, I kept on the alert for a book I dedicate to her. I had to pick a story that felt right.

In 2018, I finished Midwinter Magic and thought its heartwarming fairytale charm would be a good fit for her. So I dedicated the book to her, not knowing if she’d ever see it.

The Lord blessed us both when we bumped into each other at a local Kneaders restaurant in December 2021, five years after starting my writing career. I was able to show her the book I’d dedicated to her, and we were able to have a little email chat. Even at the time, it felt like a miracle (so many years had passed, and I live in a BIG city), but now, it feels like an especially tender mercy from the Lord.

If you’re the praying type, I ask today you send a prayer up for Mr. Hodson and the other family members going through their first Christmas season without her.

Thank you for your time.

Cover for MIDWINTER MAGIC: A stylized glowing reindeer leaps against the blue Northern Lights

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