The Purrfect Christmas

A Talking Animal Short Story

The Purrfect Christmas (Cover). Three animals: a smiling Golden retriever wearing a sequined santa hat to the left, a gently smiling orange tabby wearing a green bow to the right, and frowning in the middle, a grumpy longhaired brown tabby.
Editions:eBook: $ 3.99

Can one cat save a widow’s Christmas?

Myra the cat doesn’t care what time of year it is—as long as there’s wet food in her bowl, she’s happy. But her widowed mistress is struggling to get through her first Christmas alone. Good thing Myra’s got a plan—but for it to work, she’ll need to ask her arch-enemy for help!

Can Myra overcome her selfishness and bring her owner a Christmas that’s merry and bright?

The Purrfect Christmas is a family-friendly short story full of humor, heart, and a lot of fur! Read one of the twelve chapters each night before Christmas (and the epilogue on Boxing Day) for a fun new family tradition!

This story is a great gift for:

  • cat lovers (of course)
  • fans of feel-good Christmas specials
  • Christians (especially ones who want to see their faith positively portrayed)
  • time-strapped families (12 chapters means you can make your own "Twelve Days of Christmas" tradition, then the epilogue for Boxing Day!)
  • dog lovers (you'll love the golden retriever!)
  • readers who enjoyed A Gingersnap Cat Christmas (this takes place in the same city)
Reviews:Laura Hartland on Amazon wrote:

This is a sweet Christmas story suitable for the whole family. The chapters are very quick to read so it would make a great read-aloud for parents to share with their kids without the kids losing interest. I liked the way the author got into the heads of her feline and canine characters; their conversations and reactions seemed realistic. This little story will pull at your heartstrings.

Friday on Amazon wrote:

How cute! Very fun story! We liked how the animals had so much personality and were the heroes of the story. We read it with everyone in the family.

Richard K. Adam on Amazon wrote:

This is a "Purrfect" read for the holidays!! I loved the personalities of the family pets and the interest they had for their owners. The message of compassion for those that may be lonely or sad during the Christmas season was a gentle reminder of the need to help and serve others. I definitely want to have that discussion with my children and this story would certainly open up that conversation. What a great time of year this is to take time to snuggle with your children, enjoy reading together and learn an important lesson at the same time. This book will do it for you.

HN Hoogland on Amazon wrote:

I will enjoy reading this to my grandchildren. It is a sweet story of animals helping each other to help a lonely widow enjoy Christmas.