The Pixelvania Publishing Proclamation of Progress, February 2022 Edition

The Pixelvania Publishing Proclamation o’ Progress is a semiannual post detailing what’s going on around here, and what might show up in the future. It also includes reviews of shows, books, games, products, etc. you may also like. It’s only posted twice a year so as not to clog up your valuable, beautiful brain space.

Cute kitty photo at the end.


Here’s what’s been published since the last post:

  • Chrystine’s Sleep Solution, an eerie midlength horror story inspired by ASMR videos and sleep ambience apps.
  • Bad Tidings from Queen Sophie became my first short story sale…but instead of being printed in a magazine or posted blog, it got made into an AUDIO DRAMA over at the NoSleep Podcast! Way cool! Queen Sophie is a (kinda funny) horror story featuring a kitty “talking” with buttons, a la Billi the cat or Bunny the dog.

Listen to my new kitty horror story FREE on the NoSleep Podcast!

My story starts around 25 minutes.

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