The Pixelvania Proclamation of Progress, February 2021 Edition

The Pixelvania Proclamation o’ Progress is a semiannual post detailing what’s going on around here, and what might show up in the future. It also includes reviews of shows, books, games, products, etc. you may also like. It’s only posted twice a year so as not to clog up your valuable, beautiful brain space.

Cute kitty photo at the end.

Recap/Cover Makeover

Here’s what’s been published since the last post:

Nothing! Whoa! But I do have one thing to show off: thanks to artist Christian Bunyan, THE BUREAUCRAT’s got a new cover that ups the creep factor by ten! Here’s the before and after, in case you missed it:

The Bureaucrat (Cover)Cover to THE BUREAUCRAT - A creepy office worker stands grinning with blank eyes in front of a wall of spooky blank eyes.

Currently in Production

Steel City, Veiled Kingdom (SCVK) – Print books

There was some slowdown last year, but we’re finally proceeding on yet another round of print spellchecks. I’ll make an announcement here and on the newsletters when the print editions are released.

The Guests of Crooked Neck

Formerly titled The Bad Host, this direct sequel to Steel City, Veiled Kingdom has been a ton of fun to work on. It might be the most complicated book I’ve written to date! Wheee! I think it’s nearing the conclusion, though. Then comes the cover and the paperback formatting.

Most everything else is on pause while these two are being worked on.

Future Plans (AKA Plotting and Scheming)

After Crooked Neck, there’s another kitty horror story I want to write as a break. Then I’d like to get the second Magic Fashion Frenchies (Salute a Pooch!) book written. After that, I’ll probably pop on back to the nosferatu novel(s).

While all this is going on, I have a backlog of production tasks I’d like to finish. Getting my final two backlist books into paperback is one of them—The Purrfect Christmas illustrated paperback stalled last year, along with releasing Love Potion Commotion! in paperback with a new cover. Hopefully this is the year!

Chrystine’s Sleep Solution is still making the rounds at the magazines. I am REALLY JAZZED for someone else to read this, I think it’s a great horror story.

Bad Tidings from Queen Sophie, another kitty horror story I mentioned last year, is also making rounds at the magazines. It’s very short, so I hope it will find a home soon!

Everything else is sort of on pause for now, but they’re not forgotten! (They’re just listed in my planner, lol.)

Recommended Reads, Watches, and Products

Artemis Fowl, Artemis Fowl: The Arctic Incident, and Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code, by Eoin Colfer

As a die-hard Artemis Fowl fan, the trailer released last year (not to mention the reports of how they mauled the already-perfect book story) made me FURIOUS.

To soothe my soul, I reread the first three books in the Artemis Fowl series. They’re still some of the best science fantasy ever written, full of smart-alecky anti-hero antics.

The fourth book (The Opal Incident) is enjoyable, but after that, the series falls flat for me…As far as I’m concerned, you’re hard-pressed to come down from the amazingness that is The Eternity Code, a great heist story in its own right. But you gotta read the first two (the first one…MAN that was incredible!) to really savor the character growth in three.

5/5 Pixel Snackies

P. S. Here’s some old Fowl fanart I drew: Captain Holly Short and a scene from the end of THE ARCTIC INCIDENT which I did for final storyboarding project from college.

Scooby Doo! Shaggy’s Showdown

Until recently, I would have called myself disdainful of Scooby Doo—I always found the original shows annoying. However, I married a big fan of the ‘Doo, who has since introduced me to the huuuge variety of incarnations this franchise has taken. One of my latest faves is this Shaggy’s Showdown because I love Weird West stuff. This movie was funny, had good art design, fantastic animation, and was just plain entertaining. It made me smile, so I had to recommend it here.

Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated (series)

For those who wanted to see what an edgier (but still funny) Scooby Doo incarnation looks like, this is great—the monster designs are actually creepy! Think of it as Scooby meets Supernatural, or if Scooby Doo had lore.

Cutthroat Island

A criminally-overlooked pirate flick where the captain is a lady who’s both tough and clever. This action-adventure with a sprinkle of humor put me in the same mood as, say, Shanghai Noon or a good Lupin III movie. Very satisfying movie!

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. (series)

Guess this update’s theme is cowboys and pirates! Brisco is a hugely entertaining Western from the ‘90s with slight sci-fi elements (my husband says it counts as “Weird West”)…incredibly satisfying storytelling, and the pilot is good as any feature film. Plus, it’s got Bruce Campbell lookin’ dashing as your funny and big-hearted cowboy lead, so there’s really no downside to viewing! Well, except that it was canceled after its first season (curses!!)…but since the first season is over 20 episodes long, you still get to enjoy plenty of rootin’-tootin’ action!

Avatar: The Last Airbender (series)

This Nickelodeon animated action-fantasy series is a GIFT. This is like my third rewatch of it. Humor, magic, martial arts action, drama, flying sky buffalo—this show has it all! (Currently on Amazon Prime.)

Kell of Plan

Heather Kell’s YouTube channel about planning in paper planners. It’s become my new Happy Place. I got a Workman PipSticks planner in January 2020 mostly as containment for my to-do lists (previously kept on 3×4” note cards that kept getting scattered here and there…ugh, clutter!), but soon found it zenful to decorate my weekly views with markers, stickers, etc. Even though Kell focuses a lot on Happy Planner branded items, she still has great tips on using calendars to organize yourself, customizing things to suit your needs, and is just a really cheerful, positive person.

Miracle Forest

I use these fabulous ambient vids to write to. Pretty much all of The Guests of Crooked Neck has been written to one Miracle Forest video or another!. They provide cool little scenics and sound with a touch of dark whimsy (though the older video “After Winter” is just nice and outdoorsy). Please consider her Patreon, I think her creations are incredibly worthwhile!

Recommended videos: Mystic Cave, Midnight Diner, Castle Reading Nook, Christmas Crafts, and Mushroom Forest (to name just a few!)

Our Mascot, Pixel J. Cat

Photo of our mascot, Pixel J. Cat, lying in repose on top of some cardboard and red crinkly paper grass

Relaxing after a wild Christmas.