The Pixelvania Proclamation of Progress, February 2021 Edition

The Pixelvania Proclamation o’ Progress is a semiannual post detailing what’s going on around here, and what might show up in the future. It also includes reviews of shows, books, games, products, etc. you may also like. It’s only posted twice a year so as not to clog up your valuable, beautiful brain space.

Cute kitty photo at the end.

Recap/Cover Makeover

Here’s what’s been published since the last post:

Nothing! Whoa! But I do have one thing to show off: thanks to artist Christian Bunyan, THE BUREAUCRAT’s got a new cover that ups the creep factor by ten! Here’s the before and after, in case you missed it:

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Pixelvania Ebook Stores: Amazon Alternatives

Y’all know that my books are available through Amazon. Of course! But did you know you can also buy my ebooks at other digital stores?

My page has a list of all my ebooks; click the “buy” link for any one and you can choose from 9 other stores to buy your ebook from (including Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo). You also have an option to set your default store so any B2R link you click sends you straight there!

On, the “Buy Ebook” button on each book’s page uses my Books2Read purchasing links by default, so you can set your preferred store without needing to go to my Books2Read page. But if you like the Books2Read page, that link is always at the bottom of the website, in the footer.

My Pixelvania Gumroad Store also has all my ebooks for sale. This one’s a little more advanced–after purchasing, you’ll get the files themselves (.mobi and .epub) if you know how to sideload them onto your device (or are comfortable learning how), this is another alternative store you can use for buying my ebooks.

Are there other places you think I should be selling my ebooks? Share ’em with me in the comments below!