Love Potion Commotion! (Fashion Frenchies #1)

Love Potion Commotion! (Cover). A white French bulldog winks at the viewer over a cauldron that bubbles pink smoke. Behind him, a brindle Frenchi looks on suspiciously.
Part of the Fashion Frenchies series:
Editions:eBook: $ 5.99

Dating goes the dogs!

Soon-to-be college student Alanna Lu Feng helps her great-aunt and -uncle with their doggy fashion design business, shooting photos of their French bulldog mascots. It’s good money and fun work—but why can’t Alanna Lu get lucky in love?

Vivian and Frank Feng adore their great-niece, but they’re hiding a secret from her: Vivian is a witch! Sick of listening to her great-niece’s dating woes, Vivian concocts a plan to get her great-niece into the arms of a special someone. But can magic solve the problems of love?

A lighthearted comic fantasy that will make the whole family smile.

Turn Iris Apfel into a good witch, give her some French bulldog familiars, add a pinch of love story, and you get Love Potion Commotion. A fun read for fans of Hallmark movies.


Alanna Lu Feng pulled up in the driveway and shut her Yaris off. She piled the fabric samples in her arms and shuffled up to her great-aunt’s front door.

Ding dong!

She waited. When no one came, she squished the cloth closer to her, digging in her coat pocket for her key.

She let herself in. She thought she could hear her great-uncle’s snoring from the other side of the house, so instead of calling out, she carefully picked her way down the basement stairs to the sewing dungeon.

Alanna Lu bustled into the brightly lit studio, arms piled high with rolls of fabric. She wound her way around the work tables.

“Whoops! ‘Scuze me, Leggo!” she said after accidentally toeing one of the resident French bulldogs. The brindle and white dog continued slobbering on his bone as though nothing had happened.

She bumped open the basement door with her hip and entered.



An old woman wearing cat’s-eye glasses with laser-red frames sat at a work table, making adjustments to a hoodie on a canine-shaped dress form with gnarled but swift hands. Her half-dozen acrylic bangles clattered as she measured out cloth. Marty, the other Frenchie, sat on his chair next to the woman, supervising as usual. The barker was a new foster dog, a brown and white Welsh Springer Spaniel.

“Freckles, hush,” said the old woman. The spaniel stopped at once, looking at her. Alanna Lu marveled; her great-aunt had a way with dogs.

“Got the samples for you, Auntie,” she said. “Where do you want them?”

“By the computer, dear. Frank will want to put them into inventory.”

“Okay.” The girl set them down, then collapsed onto the stool across from Marty. The foster dog trotted over to her and put a tentative paw on her leg, but the girl didn’t move.

Her great-aunt looked over her glasses. “Something wrong, honey? I’ve never seen you immune to a puppy’s charms before.”

“Sorry,” the girl said, bending down to offer her fist to the foster. Freckles sniffed it, then glanced over her shoulder at the table. The Frenchie smiled, tongue lolling, and the foster dog turned back.

“Things must have been so much easier when you and Uncle Frank were dating!”

“What do you mean?”

“All the guys I date are just…so…you know…”



“What happened this time?”