Photo of author Danielle WilliamsWho are you?

I’m Danielle Williams, and I write scifi/fantasy/horror/comedy/??! stories!

I’m a BYU grad who majored in Visual Arts, then inadvertently double-minored in German and English.

I’m also a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

What’s with this “‘Wonder. Horror. Humor.'” thing I keep seeing?

To steal a phrase from Takayoshi Sato, I write stories because I want to “shake peoples’ hearts deeply.”

Sometimes I do this by writing stories that make you uneasy about going to bed at night (that’s the horror). Other times I do it by writing stories that give you a chuckle or leave you with a smile on your face (humor). And I love playing around in made-up worlds of wonder, whether it’s Hawai’i in space or a giant tree where vampires fall in love with faeries. I can’t seem to stick to mundane settings.

In short, “Wonder. Horror. Humor.” is just shorthand for the kinds of books I like to write.

What’s a “Pixelvania”?

“Pixelvania” is a made-up word. I chose it as the name for my publishing  house because our cat’s name is Pixel (who himself is named after the cat from a Heinlein scifi story The Cat Who Walked Through Walls), and also because I aim to self-publish both eBooks (pixels) and paper books, which are made of trees, and since PennsylVANIA means “Penn’s Woods” …

Er, it made sense at the time!

I want to write to you! How do I do that?

Use the handy contact form here! Or my email is Danielle AT PixelvaniaPublishing.com. Easy!

I like what you’re doing here! How can I support you?

LEAVE A REVIEW! On Goodreads or the site where you bought the book. Or both, if you want! We indie authors LOVE reviews. 8)

Where else can I find you?

Here’s where I hang online:

Pixelvania Studios – Art I’ve made, sheet music I’ve written, software I like, and some fanfiction! I do my casual blogging here.

Mastodon.Art  – Instead of tweeting, I toot! Mastodon is like Twitter, but decentralized and not commercialized to the hilt.

My Goodreads page – Reviews are always appreciated! 😀

Amazon.com – They gave a goof like me an official author page! Whoa!

MoxieKitten.com – An adorable character I’m developing.

Tumblr – Mostly my art, with occasional reblogs of stuff I’ve posted elsewhere, or other folks’ arty stuff.